Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2022

Two years ago, this forecast of upcoming events became irrelevant, almost overnight. Since then, we have adapted - and now, rejuvenation is on the rise. Comparatively, we may go less often, stay closer to home, and spend more time phoning it in … but new days are growing heavy with promise.

Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2022

Across this month’s full slate of alluring extracurricular activities, everyone open to new experiences has worlds to gain. Current and future leaders spanning all industries are going all in: Curtains will soon draw back and stages will illuminate.

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022

Warning: Featured happenings in this edition of Ultimate Events are closer than they appear.

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022

The phenomenon known as SXSW was launched in Austin, Texas, USA, back in 1987.

Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2021

In the months ahead, this calendar of Ultimate Events will once again open exciting new doors of possibility. Entering any of them can impact your life in epic ways you could never anticipate. Spend a few moments now, investigating and imagining what's in store.

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021

Accomplished author and communications consultant Roger Darnell has extremely high hopes for his second book, “The Communications Consultant’s Master Plan,” set for publication Dec. 21 from leading global publisher Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.

Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021

While 2021 is almost history, I hope you are ready, willing, and able to celebrate the best days yet to come. Are you focused on sharpening your skills for the new year ahead?

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021

Anyone who commits to lifelong learning can expect many prolific returns. Expanding one's knowledge presents opportunities to better understand the world and our fellow humans while advancing our skills.

Wednesday, Sep. 29, 2021

Each year, the Cannes Lions score the global branded communications and marketing industry on Reach, Communication, Craft, Experience, Innovation, Impact, Good, Health, and Entertainment.

Thursday, Sep. 16, 2021

Today, anyone with a cell phone, WiFi, and the desire to communicate can achieve the astronomical. Drawing on his success as a freelance communications consultant, author Roger Darnell has written a new book for professionals and students who want to improve their prospects in business.

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