Monday, Dec. 13, 2021

Filmmaker Devante Blackwell attended Commercial Directing Bootcamp on December 4, in Los Angeles, as the recipient of a Filmmakers’ Diversity Award sponsored by Oso Delicious

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2020

Filmmaker Jordan Brady conducted his first Commercial Directing Bootcamp in Los Angeles in 2015, and has held quarterly sold-out seminars every year since. From the outset, prospective attendees from out-of-town inquired about an online version.

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020

This past weekend, filmmakers Carly Usdin, Sonia Megerdichian, and Ali Baluch attended Commercial Directing Bootcamp as the recipients of a Filmmakers’ Diversity Award sponsored by

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019

On Saturday, October 12, visual creative Aviva Klein attended Commercial Directing Bootcamp, as the recipient of a Diversity Award scholarship sponsored by Hybrid Coll

Thursday, Apr. 5, 2018

It comes as no surprise to his many fans in the advertising industry that Jordan Brady - a veteran spot helmer with more than 1000 commercials under his belt - is sharing many of his hard-won lessons in a new book, Commercial Directing Voodoo:

Monday, Mar. 26, 2018

LA-based production company Superlounge will send its sixth and seventh Diversity Award winners, respectively - Maya Albanese and Kryzz Gautier - to Commercial Directing Bootcam

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