Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022

Last year Hollywood-based Color Intelligence garnered significant attention in the filmmaking community when it released Colourlab Ai v1.0. Never before had Ai been used so effectively to radically improve the professional color grading process.

Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2021

Colourlab Ai is releasing its 1.3 version update with features and improvements focused on cinematographers. Ever since its initial release, Colourlab Ai has been increasingly adopted by Cinematographers and filmmakers for its ability to create a Show LUT.

Tuesday, Sep. 8, 2020

Today, Hollywood-based Color Intelligence is unveiling Colourlab Ai, a new color grading system that is poised to dramatically improve the process of color correction thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Founded by color scientist Dado Valentic and industry veterans Mark L.

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