Tuesday, May. 29, 2018

Cats are no good at math, but they sure know how to DJ - and they like to party (and reproduce!), which is why Ten envisions a no-kill nation for cats.

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016

These days, many people know that spaying/neutering is the most humane and effective way to reduce pet overpopulation. But not everyone knows that fixing your cat will also help eliminate problem behaviors, like spraying, yowling, and other forms of acting out.

Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016

Visual Music recently completed scoring a series of TV and radio commercials for Marco’s Pizza. The spots started airing January and feature music from award-winning composer Damien Heartwell and sound design by Academy® Award-Nominated Herwig Maurer.

Monday, Feb. 23, 2015

Scooter the Neutered Cat made a splash last May, racking up nearly a million views on YouTube with an ad for Ten, a movement to create a no-kill nation for cats.

Monday, Jan. 20, 2014

The classic story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is getting an update, thanks to commercial director Vance Malone and the Ohio Lottery.  Cincinatti-based production house Lightborne joined forces with Wild Plum out of Venice, CA for the di

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