Monday, Sep. 14, 2020

Filmotechnic USA, the industry’s largest provider of high performance camera car systems to the entertainment industry, has stayed busy through most of the Covid-19 pandemic through its adherence to strict, safe production protocols, ensuring safe-as-humanly-possible shoots.

Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019

Filmotechnic USA has built more camera cars than anyone in the entertainment industry. The current stable includes 6 Porsche Cayenne Turbos, 3 Ford Raptors, a Mercedes ML63, an Audi plus an electric cart, motorcycle, 2 Polaris, a Hummer and Ferrari. Filmmakers around the world use them daily to c

Friday, May. 17, 2019

Filmotechnic, the largest camera car company in the world, recently completed five shoots in five US cities the first week of May, including car spots in Los Angeles, Austin and NYC, a commercial in Detroit and feature film in Charlotte.

Thursday, Mar. 21, 2019

When people think about camera arms, they usually visualize the large camera crane originally conceived and developed by Filmotechnic. It truly revolutionized the entertainment industry, giving directors the ability to capture their vision like never before, at a price point most could access.

Monday, Jun. 19, 2017

An expanding fleet and other exciting options highlight Filmotechnic USA’s ride into 2017. Upgraded flight heads, additional Russian Arms, new cars and new L.A.

Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016

Director Tim recently went on location to Lone Pine California and downtown Los Angeles to shoot a short film highlighting all the breakthrough technology integrated into the new Infiniti Q60.

Monday, Jun. 20, 2016

Usually a tire spot involves tightly focused shots, but in the recent campaign for Michelin directed by Tim Damon (for agency SapientNitro) and The Reserve, a story unfolds solely for the senses.

Tuesday, Jun. 24, 2014

Filmotechnic USA has released their award-winning catalog, showcasing the finest camera cars, arms and specialized rigs in the US.

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