Audio Story-Tellers Temp Love have provided the original music and audio post production for an upcoming new television series, “Quarter Life Poetry,” which has been Officially Selected by the Sundance Festival 2019, and will be presented as an entry within its “Indie Episodic Series” category. The show will have its world premiere during the second week of Sundance (Jan 29-31st). The announcement was made by Temp Love Co-Owners Christian Hanlon and John McDermott.

Temp Love is comprised of 20 audio professionals nationwide – composers, mixers, music supervisors, and music legal specialists – brings a holistic audio approach to every one of their clients’ productions. Temp Love’s headquarters is within the historic 32TEN Studios site in Marin, CA.   

Quarter Life Poetry is produced by Anonymous Content. For a list of the show’s Preview Screening dates and times during Sundance 2019, please see:

Temp Love’s Christian Hanlon was the composer for “Quarter Life Poetry.” In addition, Temp Love also provided music cues for the show which were culled from the company’s extensive music library. Also, Hanlon provided sound design and final mixing for “Quarter Life Poetry,” which was done at the Temp Love Studios at 32TEN.

Regarding Temp Love’s contributions to the new series, Arturo Perez, Jr., the show’s Director, said, "We were working on ‘Quarter Life Poetry’ with Christian Hanlon initially just as a composer when he suggested we bring in Temp Love’s music library and additional services for the project as well.  The Temp Love library has amazing cues that sparked our imagination during post, and perfectly complemented Christian's custom work. With his obvious knowledge of the catalog’s offerings, Christian was able to re-score some of those existing library pieces, and then craft them to fit the specific creative needs of our show. Additionally, having access to the Temp Love Studios at 32TEN for the final mix and sound design were essential and convenient, making the entire audio post-production process seamless."

Add Hanlon and McDermott, “We are just thrilled that the producers of ‘Quarter Life Poetry’ are bringing the show to Sundance, where our work will be showcased for the first time! This project was a true ‘labor of love,’ and working closely with Arturo Perez and his team to fulfill the promise of this interesting new series has been a great experience. We look forward to working with him again soon.” 

The new TV series “Quarter Life Poetry” is being produced by Anonymous Content, directed by Arturo Perez, Jr., and is based on the 2016 novel “Quarter Life Poetry: Poems for the Young, Broke and Hangry” by author Samantha Jayne. The show tackles real-life truths of work, money, sex, and many other 20-something challenges through a laugh-out-loud collection of poetry.

Founded in San Francisco in 2013, Temp Love is a full-service music production company that offers clients original scores, compelling sound design, and nearly 6,000 tracks of easy-to-clear production music from their rapidly-growing library.

Working closely together, company Co-Owners John McDermott and Christian Hanlon have overseen, produced, and created music and sound design for Oscar-nominated films, major national advertising campaigns, and an array of ground breaking digital projects.  

With their brand new creative and production studios at the legendary 32Ten Studios (the birthplace of George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic, and the site of numerous “Star Wars”- related film productions), Temp Love offers clients the ability to craft the perfect sounding score for each of their productions, ranging from the grandest orchestral movements to the filthiest, untamed, three-chord garage rock imaginable.   

To date, the company’s narrative placements within the entertainment industry have included tracks heard within the HBO series “Girls,” A24’s “Obvious Child,” the upcoming FX/Anonymous Content series “Quarter Life Poetry,” and the Academy Award-nominated documentary film “Facing Fear.”

Temp Love regularly works with such top ad agency clients as AKQA, Oglivy, Pereira O’Dell, and Weiden + Kennedy. The company’s direct corporate clients have included Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Adobe, Nestlé, Twitter, Old Navy and Reddit. Additionally, Temp Love has also provided music to promotional campaigns for such other top brands as Target, Nationwide, Titleist, Hidden Valley, and NVIDIA, to name just a few.

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