Ever drive through a large wet patch in the road, feeling a loss of traction that puts a lump in your throat?  Thanks to Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility, that won’t happen. Director Tim Damon recently showcased how the Altima’s Intelligent All Weather Drive technology keeps the car right on track (for Nissan North America and agency Designory).

Splish Splash
To demonstrate, Damon put the Nissan Altima through an environment only ducks could love. “We flooded both street and stage,” he says, “putting a spotlight on the most valuable safety feature initiated since the seat belt and anti-lock brakes.” The rain-soaked shots were captured in Century City and Route 47 near Rancho Dominguez, California.

The one-minute spot titled, “Intelligent Mobility“ begins with the Nissan Altima sitting still in a reflecting pool.  A splash of water on windshield and the scene cleverly dissolves, as the car begins its confident trek through blinding rain, freezing sleet and snow.

Grip, Control and Confidence
“Today’s cars are all about their tech,” says Damon. “But some features are easier shown than others. The All Weather Drive happens instantly, without driver input, so the challenge is to explain a never seen piece of technology. To enlighten viewers, Damon shot each scene to allow numbered graphics to be later applied in post, illustrating how the car instantly adjusts power to equalize torque delivered to each wheel. “With it, the driver never loses control, giving one confidence in any condition,” he says.