High performance cars demand pedal-to-the-metal advertising, like the spot titled “Thermal” just completed by Director Tim Damon for BMW North America.

Going “Thermal”
The dramatic slow-motion open  to “Thermal” quickly segues to the BMW M4 GTS taking off down a test track in sheer performance mode. Tires spinning and smoking, taking hard corners while drifting over hot pavement, “Thermal” is a one minute thrill ride for those lusting for a car built to be driven hard. Inside there’s shots of shifting gears and red-lining instrumentation, outside the viewer is transported through high speed vibration and power slides. Suddenly, there’s a shift, as the spot leaves the track for home. Climbing and cornering, “Thermal” climaxes with a 180 degree spin onto the driveway. Day complete.

Serious Car Work
“We pushed this spot as far as we could, to match the precision of the car,” says Damon. “This is the kind of highly specialized car work that I love to do. Cameras mounted inches from the ground. Serious performance driving, serious camera cars, I brought my A team and the agency and client encouraged us to take it to the limit. Sometimes the best visual effect is reality.”

A Level Team, A Level Gear
For the spot, Damon utilized Filmotechnic’s Apex head with capabilities perfected on recent car-centric Hollywood films. “We utilized an apex head with the ability to stabilize for smooth, romance the car shots, then switched off the stabilization for over-cranked shaky camera footage.”