Director Tim recently went on location to Lone Pine California and downtown Los Angeles to shoot a short film highlighting all the breakthrough technology integrated into the new Infiniti Q60.  Titled simply, “Q60 Overview,” Damon uses the latest technology to capture the innovative features of the brand both inside and out.

Longer Format Films

“I’m increasingly being called upon by premium brands to direct longer format films that explain their latest tech,” says Damon. “Today’s cutting edge cars adjust to the driver, not the other way around. The features can be found in the interior and exterior, necessitating a modified treatment.” Many of Damon’s films are now being used on multiple platforms, from traditional :30 spots to website and social media outlets.

Getting To Know You

The first third of the “Q60 Overview” emphasizes driver ergonomics, and the ability of the car to memorize hundreds of driver preferences. The wireless key fob unlocks the one touch start, igniting the engine. The car remembers your seat settings, steering wheel position, mirrors, cabin climate settings, stereo presets, drive mode navigation, driving aids, etc. Shooting the interior, including the high tech displays, has become more involved. “In the past, car interior shoots were much simpler,” he says. “Highlighting today’s tech requires taking the time to light the interior, sometimes necessitating twenty or more lights to bring out the beauty and textures of various surface materials like chrome, leather and carbon fiber. In effect, we’re utilizing the latest video and lighting technology to highlight the latest car tech. In the past year, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with creative Chad Weiss, Noah Huber, David Ly and Patti O’Halloran on a whole series of Infiniti projects for The Designory."

In Your Hands

The second third of “Overview” involves the performance aspect of the Q60, but personalized by the driver. Damon highlights the car being pushed to its limits with three steering systems, hydraulic, rack and direct adaptive steering.  To show off the car’s impressive tracking capabilities, Damon employed the longest camera arms in the world from Filmotechnic to show how a driver can master every corner.

No Two Drivers The Same

The last part of the film emphasizes the car’s adaptability.  To this end Damon takes the Q60 for a ride in the urban environs of Los Angeles. “I wanted to show that the car can be comfortable to drive as well as exhilarating, it’s the driver’s choice.”