Imagine a hybrid car that can travel to Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back without refueling, detects potholes, automatically brakes for pedestrians while protecting your loved ones with inflatable seatbelts. These features are just some of the available technology Director Tim Damon highlights in a six spot campaign titled, “Well Made”, for the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi and agency Global Team Blue.

Clean Look, Clean Car
Agency creatives Doug Patterson and Todd Ruthven wanted a clean, consistent look for each of the spots. “Backgrounds from a prop house allowed us to create exterior scenes without the cost of going on location," says Damon. "In all, four of the spots were shot at stage20 and two out at the San Bernardino Airport, where we laid down a 150' x 50' wide white rubber surface." The still photography component of the campaign was shot by James Exley of Square Planet.

Casting Talent
Damon was heavily involved in the casting. “I was looking for the most natural, real people,” he says. “We wanted talent that viewers could easily connect with.” Two of the six spots highlight the Energi’s best in class driving range, able to take drivers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or Manhattan to Maine, and return without recharge or refueling. The other spots highlight smart, useful technologies that allows the car to adjust tire pressure and avoid pothole damage, detect, then auto-brake for pedestrians, assist with parking and inflatable seat belts to protect passengers sitting in the rear of the vehicle.

Car-Centric stage20
Key to a refined production is the physical facility. Damon owns his own L.A. production complex called stage20, featuring proprietary equipment and a machine shop capable of quickly fabricating most anything. “Most directors rent the same cameras, lighting systems and camera equipment,” says Damon. “Agency creatives expect something original, which is challenging if relying on the same rentals.” Damon has invested in complete grip equipment, strobes, proprietary led theatrical lighting, an assortment of cameras, proprietary rigs and enough power to handle the most ambitious production.

Private and Secure
One of the most desirable attributes of Damon’s car work involves the high level of privacy and security offered. “Our gated and private stage is perfect for shooting prototypes, easy vehicle delivery and storage,” says Damon. “Everything can be done here, plus it gives me the flexibility to spend as much time lighting the cars as possible without worrying about overages for stage rental.”