In its latest bold campaign for Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC, the team at full-service marketing communications agency CCOM Group recently launched Toyota "Crafty," a colorful :30 spot appearing across all media for Hispanic audiences throughout the region. Joe Murray and Thom Blackburn at creative production company Wondersmith produced the spot digitally, drawing on their global network of talents remotely, for a seamlessly productive collaboration with the agency. 

For CCOM Group, the project involved Managing Director Jorge Espinosa, VP Creative Services Sergio Rodriguez, Creative Director Michel Rivero, Associate Creative Director Raul Rovira, Senior Project Manager Reuben Pereira, Senior Producer Jorge Khuly, and Project Manager Amy Brito. "We've had many positive experiences working with the agency on wildly fun Toyota campaigns for broadcast and digital, so we knew this project would push far beyond the ordinary," Murray began. "Creating this hyper-real world where the environment flourishes as Toyotas appear was an ideal fit for our prowess in animation, post-production and scalable digital workflows."

"To be honest, the real hero of this workflow was Slack," Blackburn said. "Proving once again that large-scale projects like this can be executed with team members anywhere, the client and agency put immense faith in our ability to produce vehicles at the highest level, and integrate them into changing environments."

Blackburn continued, "Based on the constant flow of communications, we aimed accordingly. We handled look development and motion tests upfront to establish all the expectations, then presented a series of stop-downs and motion test previews to ensure we were always on the right track. Using the idea of 'vehicle as catalyst' creatively, we were able to subtly integrate environmental responses that feel joyous and harmonious."

With Michael Wilfong's editing and board-o-matic setting the initial tone of the spot, CG Supervisor Yates Holley guided the team's workflow to meet the five week turnaround. CCOM's ambitious vision for the creative inspired everyone at Wondersmith. "While we do love shooting vehicles on location," Murray concluded, "we knew we could fully reward our friends at CCOM and Toyota for their complete trust in our CG capabilities and strengths."

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