For seven years and counting, veteran commercial director Garry Bassin has been shooting what he calls “a cinematic journey into the human spirit”.  What started off as a 20 minute documentary program on a small cable network in Japan, has become a mountain of never before seen or heard private performances of music and dance.  Garry estimates they have hundreds of hours of film and audio, as well as thousands of still photographs from the 20+ countries visited so far.  “This has gotten much bigger than we ever dreamed it would, and now we have to foster this "time capsule" even further”, Garry says.  He also thinks there are ways to use the production model they have established over the years for other similar projects and/or commercial work.  

A small portion of this monumental work can be seen in “The Listen Project - the first five years”, a 75 minute film now making the rounds at various film festivals in the United States and Europe.  This month (April 2017) in Los Angeles “The Listen Project” will be shown at the Cinema At The Edge Festival at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica on April 28th.