Two years ago, TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder, Anthony Marinelli made the trip to the Cannes Short Film Corner with his award-winning film, “Acoustic Space” (“Best Original Screenplay,” Richmond International Film Festival). This year, Marinelli, who writes, directs and edits most of his films, was accepted into the 2017 Cannes Film Festival for “Marital Arts,” a short film about the art of marriage (and cinema).

Leading actors, Joseph Cassese and Amanda Greer made the trip to Cannes this time to represent the film, which has already screened in three other festivals, including a sold-out screening at the NYC Independent Film Festival.

“I wanted to make a film that celebrates the two things I know most about: marriage (being married for almost 28 years) and classic cinema,” says Marinelli. “It’s extremely gratifying to create something personally enriching and see people enjoy it so much. It inspires me to keep doing more. It isn’t easy when you’re editing and running a company (alongside Wendy Rosen, my Executive Producer and business partner), but the pull to do this work is so strong, and my family is incredibly supportive. They know it’s something I have to do and, the bottom line is, ultimately, it makes me a better Editor.”

To view the official “Martial Arts” trailer on Vimeo, go here:

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