For years, TwoPoint0 Editor/Co-Founder Anthony Marinelli has cultivated a distinguished portfolio of passion projects that have screened in film festivals worldwide. Marinelli’s latest short film, “Marital Arts,” continues its impressive festival run as an Official Selection at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York, while his new one act play, “Max & Domino,” also received Official Selection status at the prestigious New York New Works Festival, both last month in October. 

With “Marital Arts,” Marinelli wanted to make a film that celebrates the two things he knows most about: marriage (being married for 28 years) and classic cinema. The film was previously a finalist in the Katra Film Series and screened in the NYC Independent Film Festival, the Richmond International Film Festival and the Cannes Short Film Corner. It has also been preselected for the 2nd Annual Toronto International Independent Film Festival. Marinelli’s two previous short films won awards at Richmond: “Walt Whitman Never Paid For It” won the Audience Choice Award in 2014 and “Acoustic Space” won Best Original Screenplay in 2016.

“It’s extremely gratifying to create something personally enriching and see people enjoy it so much,” says Marinelli. “It isn’t easy when you’re editing and running a company (alongside Wendy Rosen, my Executive Producer and business partner), but the pull to do this work is so strong, and my family is incredibly supportive.”

Marinelli’s new play “Max & Domino” is an existential black comedy about a pair of professional killers who create a living hell for the man who betrayed them. But it’s also about how we all adopt different personas depending on our objective of the moment. Two years ago, another of his one-acts, “Another Famous Dead Artist,” was a semi-finalist at the same New York New Works Festival, and last month, his screenplay, “Books, Beds and Baths,” was a finalist in the HollyShorts Film Festival’s Short Screenplay Competition, exemplifying further his strengths as a writer. Moreover, Marinelli has been hard at work this past year editing a documentary for Director David Seth Cohen about his quest to have a drink with Adam Sandler after passing up the opportunity years earlier. The documentary, “Finding Sandler,” is a project he is very excited about and hopes to complete in early 2018.

While executing his personal labors of love, Marinelli maintains a firm commitment to TwoPoint0 and budding relations with agencies DeVito/Verdi, Publicis Life Brands Medicus, amongst other prominent enterprises.

“Anthony is a creative force that constantly inspires his colleagues and collaborators, wearing a wide spectrum of hats as a playwright, director, editor and producer, to name a few,” says TwoPoint0 Partner / Executive Producer Wendy Rosen. “I’ve always been in complete awe of his artistry, and the fact that he never seems too pulled in one particular direction, harboring an abundance of creative energy that he expels freely and beautifully through all sorts of artistic avenues.”

As far as Anthony is concerned, whether he’s editing content, commercials, documentaries or films, it’s all storytelling. His goal is to constantly grow and learn within all of his chosen disciplines.

To view the official “Martial Arts” trailer on Vimeo, go here:

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