TwoPoint0 welcomes the talents of Editor Terence Ziegler to the unique editorial company which features an innovative, new business model. In addition to Terence Ziegler, the editorial company and creative collective features the talents of the two founding partners Editor/EP Wendy Rosen and Editor Anthony Marinelli, as well as such luminary Editors as: Charlie Cusumano, Jane Keller, John Marinis, Keith Olwell, and Jon Rosen.

To view Editor Terence Ziegler’s reel at TwoPoint0:

According to Partner/Executive Producer/Editor Wendy Rosen, Terence Ziegler represents a versatile talent. “Terence is the real thing, who in addition to his editorial skills, has talent in graphics and visual design. He has a dynamic reel, which is what we love to see.  When Terence heard TwoPoint0 was changing the way post has traditionally been approached, he jumped on board.  TwoPoint0 is exactly what he was looking for in terms of support for his work and career.”

Partner/Editor Anthony Marinelli agrees: “Terence has such a collaborative, down-to-earth personality. He fits right into our new model, and is doing great work. We're thrilled that he has decided to join our roster of Editors.”

As founding partners in TwoPoint0, for Rosen & Marinelli, their goal and mission is to create more opportunities for freelance Editors while offering greater flexibility to clients by customizing each project to their needs, from conception to completion, with an eye towards comfort and convenience in the process.  Ready to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving industry, putting the work first, providing all the technical expertise, creativity and passion every project demands. “Envision a new working model and a company, a collective, that is flexible, nimble and ready to meet the challenges of today’s advertising, production and post-production market,” adds Marinelli.

Editor Terence Ziegler has worked with clients such as Wieden + Kennedy, Ogilvy, Mother, DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, 22Squared, Tiffany & Co., PepsiCo., Draft/FCB, Mozilla, AMC, Comedy Central. Ziegler's innate versatility lends itself to visual storytelling and design-oriented work. He has been editing commercials, promos, music videos and films for over 18 years. His recent work includes spots for AMEX out of Ogilvy; Tide, Cheerios, Walmart for Saatchi & Saatchi NY; ESPN for Wieden + Kennedy; Comcast via Digitas and Berlin/Cameron; Abbot Labs via SaatchiHealth and Cibavision via DDB in New York. In addition to his commercial work, Ziegler directed and edited “Jesus Was a Commie,” a short film starring Matthew Modine. The film won “Best Short Film” at Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival, as well as numerous other international awards. It was their third collaboration.

“Terence and I worked together on our first project over ten years ago,” says Matthew Modine. “In the past, I had edited my own films. With ‘I Think I Thought,’ I felt it would be best to get away from my own style and vision and work with a more ‘commercial’ editor. Someone who was hip and cool and could slice a film up nicely. Ziegler could certainly give me what I wanted. But I got much more because he's also a filmmaker who is passionate about the art. We subsequently worked on commercials and projects with social relevance. Our collaboration on the short film, ‘Jesus Was a Commie’ resulted in a film that won awards and touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. Ziegler is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to finding challenging projects that continue to enrich us both." 

Ziegler also cut the award-winning “Apsara,” a short from Director Colin McGreal, which was screened at festivals around the world. Ziegler graduated from the University of Michigan, where he had studied Film & Biology. Seeking work in film production, he secured an interview for an office PA position at Woody Allen's production company. Ziegler moved out to New York just for the interview. But fate would intervene. Instead, Ziegler took a job as the staff photographer in a neuroscience lab. There he photographed brains, and got his feet wet in advertising, shooting print commercials for science journals. Ziegler stumbled into editing, when he dropped by the now-defunct Invisible Dog to visit a friend. Something inspired him to sign on as an Assistant Editor. Rapid promotion followed, and Ziegler realized he had a natural affinity for editorial. Soon, he was cutting spots, the first of which was U.S. West "Your Neighbors," directed by Michael Grasso. The spot aired on the Super Bowl. Over the next few years, Ziegler's reputation grew, and he eventually moved to Chemistry (formerly Slingshot). He has been on staff at jumP, Company X, The Well, RhinoFX and Invisible Dog. He is based in New York City and Los Angeles.

“I am thrilled to join TwoPoint0, having known Wendy Rosen for a very long time and always respected her as an Editor and as an EP,” says Ziegler. “I saw the changes in the editorial business coming several years ago, and decided to go freelance. I also worked in-house at several agencies. But TwoPoint0’s new model provides the flexibility to clients that they want within the budgets they are looking for, but also provides the support of a seasoned EP with Wendy.”

Ziegler also enjoys the visual effects/3D design side of post-production. “I consider myself a versatile Editor and filmmaker,” concludes Ziegler. “I edit, I direct, I create 3D Design. I consider myself a Creative who can build a moving piece out of the tools available to a filmmaker.” Ziegler is about to embark on yet another project with Matthew Modine, and is investigating an experimental VR (virtual reality) project. “Every year, I take on a project that feeds my soul. Where you can be bold and make creative decisions that are in no way conservative. It enables me to bring a fresh perspective to my work for advertisers and for brands.”

New TwoPoint0 Editor Terence Ziegler is currently in the midst of a project for Thompson Hotels while Editor Jonathan Edwards has completed two new campaigns for New York Presbyterian and a very large Utility company. Powerhouse Editors Jane Keller and Jeremy Baumann edited the successful campaign, which debuted earlier this year. Editor Keith Olwell has edited a project for Chevron Delo. Wendy Rosen is cutting a new campaign for Sun Product’s All and Editor Anthony Marinelli has completed the new Bernie & Phyl’s campaign for DeVito/Verdi. His short film “Acoustic Space,” which he wrote/directed/edited, just won the “Best Original Screenplay” Award at the Richmond International Film Festival.