Undefined Creative (UC) was recently commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to produce a fresh package of event graphics for its prestigious Equator Prize 2017 Awards Ceremony. This project is the latest in a series of motion design-centered work collaborations between the creative studio and United Nations, a relationship that began when UC donated their skills to the Equator Prize in 2010.

The Equator Prize recognizes outstanding local and indigenous community initiatives from across the planet that are advancing innovative on-the-ground solutions to climate, environment and poverty challenges. Award categories honor achievement and local innovation in the thematic areas of oceans, forests, grasslands and wildlife protection.

For this year’s ceremony, which marks the Equator Initiative’s 15th year, UNDP wanted a complete refresh that gave the on-stage motion graphics a current vibe while incorporating the key icons behind its sustainable development goals (SDGs). Consisting of a “Countdown to Ceremony” screensaver, an opening sequence, 15 winner slates, three category slates and 11 presenter slates, the comprehensive package had to align visually with a presentation from National Geographic Society, which was part of the evening’s program.

To bring it all together, UC drew from the SDG color palettes and relied on subject matter knowledge of both the UNDP and National Geographic in establishing the ceremony graphics’ overall look and feel. With only still photos available for the Equator Prize winners, UC created motion and depth by strategically intertwining the best shots with moving graphics and strategically selected stock footage. Naturally moving flora and fauna livened up the photography, added visual diversity and contributed creating a unique aesthetic. Watch the motion graphic highlights reel HERE.

The Equator Prize 2017 Awards Ceremony package was designed within a framework that will allow easy updates for future such ceremonies. 

“Long before our first pro bono project for the UN some seven years ago, we were big fans of the organization and its global work to further sustainability, among other things,” said Maria Rapetskaya, Undefined Creative founder and creative director. “So the opportunity to continue this relationship and have fun revamping our previous work with a fresh look, animation and feel with a real budget was incredibly cool.”

Added Martin Sommerschuh, UNDP’s Programme Analyst, Equator Initiative: “On behalf of the Equator Initiative, thank you and kudos to the Undefined Creative team for creating the graphic animations for the Equator Prize 2017 Award Ceremony. The animations were spot on, conveyed the messaging we wanted, and exceeded our expectations in balancing corporate design requirements around the SDG logos while being fun to watch, creative and appropriate to the occasion. We were impressed by UC’s fast turnaround and efficiency – absolute pleasure to work with this team.”

About Undefined Creative
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