Even seven years since their hiatus sent shockwaves through their fanbase, My Chemical Romance (MCR) remains one of the most creative and beloved groups in rock music. So, in celebration of their reunion and to announce their 2020 tour, they have released a 13-minute film directed by Kristian Mercado and produced by creative collective Unicorns & Unicorns. With already 1 million views on YouTube, the just released film, titled "A Summoning…," pays homage to the band’s history by taking fans through a visual retrospective of MCR’s storied past.      

Concepted by frontman Gerard Way and Brian Schechter (Riot Squad) with input from Mercado and the Unicorn’s team, the video features a boy being chased by a masked crew of Draculoids, running through a series of scenes and scenarios that will be familiar to fans of the band’s past work. My Chemical Romance Easter eggs are subtly placed throughout as a gift to loyal followers, adding a layer of intrigue to the otherwise tense and suspenseful narrative. 

A true collaboration, Mercado and Unicorns & Unicorns worked closely with Way to bring his vision to life. “Gerard is a true artist,” explains Unicorns EP Joanna Shaw. “He was completely involved in all stages from pre-production through post. There was great synergy with the team, especially with Kris on-set.”

“There is a massive mythos and visual language surrounding the band, so we needed to tap into that rich history to create this world,” adds Mercado. “Gerard and his team filled the apartment and each frame with so many Easter eggs even I don't know how many there are in the final. Every room, location, and place was densely packed to call back to the band's history. It was really made with a lot of love, and our props and art team went to town on it.”

The short film marks Unicorns’ second partnership with Director Mercado, a Puerto Rican filmmaker whose music-driven short film “Pa’lante” won the SXSW Jury Award 2019. His distinct voice typically addresses issues of identity, family, and systemic oppression across race and class -- delivering a poetic portrayal of working class struggles. His visual flair has led him to work on projects for Billie Eilish, Awkwafina, Migos, De La Soul, MF DOOM, Planned Parenthood, and Adult Swim, among others. 

Created through Unicorns’ unique model, the film benefited from both the company’s nimble and flexible approach and experience working in long form, which helped keep the production smooth and efficient. This allowed them to create something more daring than a traditional music video, leveraging close relationships and a talent for preparation for a quick turnaround. 

“It’s been a long time since I have been this excited about a project,” adds Shaw. “Our team really enjoyed the work and that is important because you have to love what you do. And we do.”

Unicorns & Unicorns is represented by Kelly Norris Sarno of Agency Arts for music-related content.

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