A new spot for Walgreens, created via Team WPP, directed by Dante Ariola of MJZ, and edited by Union’s Andrea MacArthur and Amanda Perry offers a delightful dive into the DNA pool. The VO asks you to consider the "Incredible Odds" that you would turn out exactly as you have - from that smile, that sneeze and those adorable quirks...to your specific health needs.  

That’s why Walgreens packed 100+ years of know-how into MyWalgreens, to offer "a whole different way to wellness." 

“We always love cutting for Dante, he is a joy to work with, and the agency was great. Everyone managed to work cohesively as a team despite the current pandemic restrictions that beset us all!,” said MacArthur on behalf of the duo, who cut an additional 3 spots for the campaign. 

Rounding out the Union team were Assistant Editors Tommy Palumbo & Jean Taylor; Senior Producer Susan Motamed; EP Melissa Lubin; and MD/Partner Caryn Maclean.