"Mama’s Got Bump," the new #loveyourbodyday video from Moms You'd Like to Friend (MYLF), hit the ground running, amassing 3.9 million views on Facebook alone since its debut last week. Directed by Cat Deakins and Masha Sapron, written by Sapron, shot by Deakins, and cut by Daniel Luna of bicoastal Union Editorial, the video celebrates postpartum bodies as it parodies Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” (with vocal by Quin Walters).  

“I wanted my wife to know what an inspiration she is to me having birthed our beautiful 3 children so, being the amazing dude I am, I agreed to cut it,” said Luna, whose wife Priscilla became friends with Sapron after discovering her MYLF mom blog. “Masha has done a few videos with Funny or die, on similar mom-related topics. When Priscilla mentioned she'd be dancing in the video, she also casually mentioned they needed an editor (wink) - if I was interested.”

Deakins, Sapron and their many collaborators wanted to “let other moms out there know that regardless of what shape they find themselves in postpartum, they are awesome, beautiful, strong women and don't need to ‘bounce back to conform to societal expectations of some ideal body,” Luna said. “I consider it a timely and hugely entertaining PSA.” 

Luna’s description is apt: Wikipedia defines a public service announcement (PSA) as “a message in the public interest disseminated without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.”

Yahoo! Lifestyle and others were quick to pick up on the message and relevance of the video, which - with too many bold, clever and outright funny visuals to list here - must be seen to be fully appreciated.  Luna concludes, “As you can imagine, it was a blast to cut together.”

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