Partner/Editor Jim Haygood of bicoastal Union Editorial added four more trophies to his mantle last night, winning Best in Show, Dialogue/Monologue/Spoken Word, Storytelling, and Best of West, at the 2018 AICE Awards for excellence in the postproduction arts. Haygood was honored in each case for Taco Bell “Web of Fries,” the popular parody movie trailer starring actor Josh Duhamel. Created via Deutsch, and directed by Reset’s Joseph Kosinski, the piece parodies the suspense genre as a means of introducing Taco Bell’s new #nachofries.

Said editor Jen Dean of Consulate, a member of the awards’ Curatorial Committee, in the AICE’s official release: “As judges, we’re really focused on how much the post production contributed to the process, and in this case, it seemed on multiple levels you could feel the hand of the editor. Ultimately it was the timing that created the drama; there wasn't one skill dominating, all had equal footing and it was just perfect!”

An earlier collaboration between Haygood and Deutsch, VW’s “The Force,” was an unprecedented critical and viral success, and was named “the most shared Super Bowl ad ever” by USA Today in 2015.

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