There was a lot of love in the room the night before Valentine’s Day, when Gold, Silver and Bronze Addy Awards were bestowed upon a trio projects to which Union Austin contributed editorial or post: “Dig Deep” and “Nick,” both edited by Kevin Ray for Indeed (in-house), won Single Entry Gold and Silver Addys, respectively. Angie Dominguez edited Duck Tape Man “Roof” for Duck Brands (Bandolier Media), which took home a Bronze statue. Ray also cut “All the Cameras,” “Burglars” and “Package” for Residio & Honeywell Home (Bandolier Media), which garnered Bronze honors in the Internet Commercial Campaign and Single Spot categories. Union’s Moody Glasgow was the colorist on Premier Care “As It Should Be,” which took home a Silver Addy for Internet Commercial Campaign. Premier Care also came out of  Bandolier Media.

“Dig Deep” tells the story of an American water specialist who has been working globally in South Sudan in Cameroon assisting communities beset by poor water conditions. To his surprise, he finds additional fulfillment at home through Indeed, when he is recruited to address similar concerns in New Mexico. Consequently, he joins the Dig Deep Navajo Water Project. Indeed becomes instrumental in the assembly of the right team and tools to make this necessary project a success.

“Nick” may be his given name, but when he hits the ring as a professional wrestler, he becomes the “Outlandish Zicky Dice.” Nick struggled emotionally after losing his dad during his sophomore year of high school. His dad was a social worker, and his mom a teacher. Through Indeed, he found a career in mental health tech that allows him to carry their legacies forward, and describes caregiving as his “second happy place.” A wrestler’s job is to look after his opponent, and Nick’s job allows him to be a full-time caregiver, “inside and outside of the ring.” 

Just as Brad Pitt romanticized the image of fixing an antenna in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Duck Brand creates a new aura around being on the “Roof.” In this spot cut by Dominguez, Duck Tape Man trades tips and trivia with a dude who’s recently discovered the joys of duct tape (specifically, Duck Tape). Not only is the viewer made aware of the product’s uses, we also feel less alone knowing there’s someone else out there who shares our joy over a long pull and rip. 

For Residio & Honeywell Home (Bandolier Media), Ray cut a trio of spots: “Burglars,” in which a group of thieves reflect on a genius workaround for the doorbell cam; “Package,” wherein the doorbell cam protects only the box left outside the front door; and “All the Cams,” which conveys the need for more than theft protection, even when visual surveillance abounds. 

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