Bicoastal Union Editorial and its London partner, Marshall Street Editors, have a total of five spots airing during today’s Super Bowl LVIII broadcast: Union Editor/Partner Graham Turner leads the pack, having edited three of those projects: “Love Triangle,” for Starry from VaynerMedia, (Speck & Gordon, dirs); Hyundai “Conquer The Weekend: Vikings,” also directed by Speck & Gordon, and created by Innocean (Spanish language version airing on Univision, English language version now live); and “Misión De Bla Bla Bla” for Metro T-Mobile, created via OKRP, also airing on Univision, and directed by Dave Meyers. 

CrowdStrike’s entry, “The Future,” was cut by John Bradley (Tarsem, dir) of Union Austin; and “Small Balls Big Game,” which marks the Super Bowl debut of Papaya Global, was edited by Chris Walker of Marshall Street Editors in London, created by McCann Tech, (Rob Leggat, director). 

“Super Bowl always presents some interesting challenges for us,” reflects Michael Raimondi, President/Managing Partner of Union. “It’s high stakes for everyone involved so the level of scrutiny and urgency placed on every facet of the spot is through the roof. I kind of love that. It lets our people shine. You either make it happen or you don’t. That makes you feel alive. Plus it’s nice when my family actually pays attention to what we do!”

Consistent with common practice, the work has already been shared online, making a story like this possible. The phenomenon of pre-releasing Game Day advertising on the Web began in 2011: 

A car company had a :60 spot they loved, and only :30 of airtime on the Super Bowl broadcast. So, they made the whacky decision to put the :60 up on their YouTube channel four days before the game. Cut to 2024, and according to, Volkswagen “The Force” is the most viewed Super Bowl commercial of all time, garnering 85,111,045 views. Countless “best of” lists and kudos have followed, and the full story is detailed beautifully in Time’s “The Ad That Changed Super Bowl Commercials Forever”. “The Force,” directed by Lance Acord (Park Pictures), and created by Deutsch Los Angeles, was cut by Union Editor/Partner Jim Haygood, whose honors for the spot include a Gold Lion at Cannes and an AICP award for Editorial Excellence.

In between commercials, the San Francisco 49ers will play the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII, airing live on CBS and Nickelodeon. Super Bowl LVIII will stream exclusively on Paramount+.

About Union
Union Editorial has offices located in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and London, where it maintains an alliance with Marshall Street Editors. The company also develops and produces original content. Other Union companies include Hunter, which provides finishing services, vfx, graphics and mix for commercials, features and gaming. Union is presided over by Partner/Managing Director Michael Raimondi alongside Executive Producer Joe Ross and Head of Production Dani DuHadway in LA, Partner/Managing Director Caryn Maclean alongside Executive Producer Melissa Lubin in NY, Executive Producer Vicki Russell in Austin, and Logan Aries, Executive Producer of Hunter. The Union roster is comprised of Partner/Editors Jim Haygood, Einar Thorsteinsson, Jay Friedkin, Sloane Klevin, Marco Perez, Merritt Duff, Graham Turner, and Chris Huth, editors Daniel Luna, Laura Milstein, Jason Lucas, Karen Kourtessis, Kevin Ray, Rachael Connelly, Zach Kashkett, Andrea MacArthur, Amanda Perry, Justin “Q” Quagliata, Vinnie Hobbs, Rodrigo Brazão, Rick Lawley, and Jono Griffith, as well as select projects with Guicho Flores, Teddy Gersten, Tim Thornton-Allan, Matt Chesse, John Mayes, Spencer Ferszt, and the Marshall Street roster. 

About Marshall Street Editors
Marshall Street Editors are a leading creative offline editing company in Soho who specialise in cutting high profile commercials, music videos and online content. They were founded in 1999 by editors Tim Thornton-Allan and John Mayes. Together they have expanded their company over the past 25 years, and now the MSE roster features an excellent array of award winning editors. With their wealth of experience and knowledge, they have edited many high profile campaigns for brands like Apple, Lego, Mercedes-Benz, Hugo Boss, Guinness, Amazon, Channel 4, Under Armour, Instacart, EE and Virgin to name a few. MSE have an affiliation with Union Editorial in New York, Los Angeles and Austin and also specialise in live editing on location around the world.