Two projects cut at bicoastal Union Editorial won Clio Sports Bronze award this month: “Breaking Barriers,” from the documentary series UFC 25 Years in Short, and “Goodyear Sports Equinox,” a social media film created via GSD&M, were both honored in the Branded Entertainment & Content medium (UFC for Film, Goodyear for Experiential/Event). “Breaking Barriers” is the story of Ronda Rousey blazing a trail for female fighters; it was cut by Union partner/editor Einar Thorsteinsson, with additional editorial by Union’s Jed Stuber. In “Goodyear Sports Equinox,” edited by Union Austin’s Kevin Ray, Heisman Trophy-winner Desmond Howard surprises a sports fan with a Goodyear blimp excursion to five sporting events in a single day.  

“Breaking Barriers” was written and produced by Matt Ogens (repped for spots by Bullitt), a frequent collaborator with Union, which provided post production services as well. It debuted in December 2018 on UFC Fight Pass; it was produced by Joshua Roth, with Executive Producer Dana White, and Executive Producers Craig Borsari, Chris Kartzmark and Adam Condal. The film owes its intense visual flair to Ogens and DP Samson Chan, complemented by powerful original music, courtesy of Greg Kuehn.

Celebrating the first time in U.S. history that all major sporting leagues played in the same city, on the same day, “Goodyear Sports Equinox” chronicles the singular experience of lucky L.A. fan and Marine Corps veteran Orlando “Big O” Henderson, escorted via the Goodyear blimp by Howard to all five games. The project was directed by TJ O’Grady Peyton. In addition to Ray, Union’s team on the project included Executive Producer Vicki Russell, Producer Samantha Machado, Assistant Editors Kim Landry and Tyler Costill.

On the spot front, Einar’s recent work includes projects for San Diego Tourism (via MeringCarson/Sacramento, directed by Warren Kushner), and Honda (via Muse, directed by John O’Hagan). Ray’s recent spot work includes ESPN/ACCN “We Do This” (via Preacher; directed by Ryan Booth), and Dodge “NYE” (via GSD&M; directed by Berndt Mader). Einar and Ray shared editorial duties on a 3-spot package for Dodge via GSD&M/Austin, directed by Thomas Garber (Einar cut “Slow Down” and “Parking Lot,” while Ray cut “Drums”).

In other awards news, The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) has nominated UFC 25 Years in Short as Outstanding Edited Sports Special or Series, in the 40th Annual Sports Emmy® Awards.

About Union
Union Editorial has offices located in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and London, where it maintains an alliance with Marshall Street Editors. The company also develops and produces original content through its Union Entertainment Group banner. Other Union companies include Resolution, which provides finishing services, vfx, graphics and mix for commercials, features and gaming.

Union is presided over by Partner/Managing Director Michael Raimondi in LA, Partner/Executive Producer Caryn Maclean in NY and Executive Producer Vicki Russell in Austin. The Union roster is comprised of Partner/Editors Jim Haygood, Einar Thorsteinsson, Jay Friedkin, Sloane Klevin, Marco Perez, Christjan Jordan, and editors Andrew Ratzlaff, Chris Huth, Daniel Luna, Laura Milstein, Eric Argiro, Jason Lucas, Karen Kourtessis, Kevin Ray, Nicholas Wayman-Harris, Rachael Waxler, Zach Kashkett as well as select projects with Teddy Gersten, Paul Plew, Tim Thornton-Allen, Matt Chesse, John Mayes, Nico Alba, Spencer Ferszt and the Marshall Street roster.