The Vault, the licensed music collection from sonic branding experts Stephen Arnold Music, has added 16 new volumes to its offerings. Each volume builds on The Vault’s hand-picked, ready-to-license catalog for local stations, networks, corporate content, and production companies.

A Faster Interface: All users of The Vault will find that it has a vastly improved interface for increased efficiency. Music searches are now faster, easier and more productive with new tools, including the “Search Within” toolbar to speed up targeted searches, and the “Refine” sidebar that instantly focuses search results – without entering a single keyword.

The latest additions to The Vault include:

  • Song Zu is a Clio Award-winning Australia/Singapore-based collective specializing in music for advertising. The Vault has now launched “Quirky 2: Fun & Funky,” a collection resplendent with bells, whistles, glockenspiel and a few ‘80’s hits thrown in. Also new is “Chill Out: Ambient Orchestral & Indie Electronica,” featuring gently flowing Ambient and Indie-Electronica for underscores and positive dreamscapes. They’re joined by a new volume of “Underscores: Ambient, Melancholy, Neutral” for TV and film.
  • There are five new volumes from the acclaimed UK collection Production Music Online (PMOL). “Twisted Spaces” features cool electronic tech chill with glitchy leanings for technology, factual, crime, drama, science, and arts applications; “TV Noir” is the sound of bleak tension and conflicting emotions -- featuring piano, chamber strings and electronica, it’s ideal for documentaries, crime, hospital and drama; “Planet Earth” is an orchestral collection for documentary, nature, and travel; with “Ocean Voyager” comes modern pop-orchestral soundtracks from minimal beds to soaring themes for everything ocean, documentary and nature; or music supervisors can go to “Game of War” for sounds of restless tension, steely determination and the ecstasy of success.
  • Mtrax” is a pack of high energy and classic rock optimal for Extreme, Action and Combat Sports. Meanwhile, the collective Murder Takes 2 returns with a heavy dose of high-energy guitars and hard rockers, that’s also a match for extreme action and sports genres.
  • Modern Score 1: Ethereal Mysteries” from Premier Box Office makes its debut with The Vault, as does “The Six Strings of Christmas” from Stephen Arnold Music, with unforgettable acoustic arrangements of everyone’s favorite Holiday Classics.
  • Only the top rap and hip hop producers are invited to contribute to Anno Domini Nation. The latest Vault addition, “Dark Trap and Urban Instrumentals” is perfect for reality TV, sports and film underscores.
  • For authentic Nashville, Cajun and Acoustic country, “Max T. Barnes: Country Vol. 1” is a can’t-miss collection from hit songwriter Max T. Barnes.
  • Finally, The Ultras live up to their name with “Surf Pop Sludge,” a wonderfully sludgy take on surf and rockabilly.

The Vault also offers The Stephen Arnold Music Collection, high-end compositions from their custom music division; and The Artist Collection, selected tracks from established hit songwriters like Greg Barnhill, Tom Freund and Diana Krall.

Every track in The Vault’s custom music catalog was either an artist’s original creation, painstakingly written and recorded for commercial release; custom music for a major network, client or ad agency; or has the same high-end production value. Multiple edits and mix-outs of virtually every cut are available.   

Placements with FOX, CBS, UFC
Recent placements of tracks from The Vault include “National Pride” from The Stephen Arnold Music Collection, used by FOX Business Channel as the main theme for the Republican National Debates. FOX On-Air Promotions chose “Party Noise Bulla” by Song Zu for the series premier of “Rosewood.”

Additional placements for The Vault include CBS on the shows “2 Broke Girls,” “Limitless” and “The Young and the Restless.” Two Main Theme usages for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events included UFC 193, the most-attended UFC fight in history that featured Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm, and UFC 202, headlined by the hotly anticipated rematch between welterweights Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

In total, The Vault now stands as a collection of eleven catalogues encompassing 450 volumes, 7,000 individual themes, and 25,000 tracks. Clients including FOX Television, CBS, NBC, AP/Associated Press, Bunim/Murray, AXSTV, Top Rank Boxing, UFC, ESPNU, Turner Networks and ION Television, among others have use The Vault’s tracks in their productions.

About The Vault
Featuring a fast-moving web interface, an extremely selective catalog, and exclusive representation, The Vault is staffed by Stephen Arnold Music’s highly experienced team of full-time composers, providing content creators with a full-speed path to 100% licensable music, handpicked for maximum impact in TV, film and streaming media. For more information visit: