Shot on 35mm film, Rockstar “VicBlends,” from director Rocio Crudo and produced by Easy Mondays, is about old school positronics - even though its star is a mere 21 years old. Created via the brand’s Hispanic agency, Alma, it features motivational speaker Victor Fontanez, aka @VicBlends, who has amassed a 2M+ following on Instagram, giving out free haircuts for good conversation, “using the right words to bring the best out of people, to let them express and trust in themselves,” as Crudo put it. The :45 is part of Rockstar’s “Poder Para Mi Gente (Power for My People)” campaign, designed to empower a new generation of hustlers who work hard to give back to their local communities, aligning with Rockstar Energy’s hustle mentality.

“We focused on making an honest and real portrait of Vic,” she said. The magic of 35mm was key to “enhancing the intimacy and creating a warm environment,” Crudo noted, crediting Alma, and the Easy Mondays team, led by founder/executive producer, Asori Soto, with establishing “a supportive, creative atmosphere.” 

“Everyone’s sensibilities were so aligned,” said Soto. “It was gratifying to facilitate the collaboration between Rocio and Alma and to see how they came together to craft this powerful story.” 

“As a director, I manage energy, so I relate to the idea of infusing every situation with the most positive vibe possible,” Crudo said. “I love the curiosity and care Vic takes in connecting with a complete stranger and making that moment special, a real exchange of experiences.” 

In just 45 seconds, Crudo captures the strong and intimate connections Fontanez makes with people. “I really respect Vic’s work and vision. I admire his empathy and capacity to show unique histories from communities that are sometimes shadow banned by society,” Crudo added. “Sensible, humble and real, he genuinely understands the importance of being present for others, looking directly into their eyes, and how the power of listening can change people's lives. This was a very special and inspiring project.”

Other recent work directed by Crudo includes commercials for Renault and Philips.

About Easy Mondays
Easy Mondays is a bespoke production company established by a bunch of creative gourmands, voyagers, and trendsetters. We circled the world more than a couple of times last year. We produced moving pictures about cars, food, beverages, health, rock and roll, fashion, social issues, we published trendsetting magazines on travel and the pleasures of life, we wrote and photographed books. In short, we spent countless hours devoted to finding the most cinematic experiences around the globe, and we brought our babies and dogs as witnesses! Our pursuit in the never-ending circle of life is to create the most engaging content for our clients. We are known for our high-quality productions and our taste at selecting excellent restaurants in the most remote regions. And we do all of it because we love it, because it is in our ethos, and because we shine the most when we are crafting astonishing stories together.

The Easy Mondays roster boasts an eclectic mix of comedy (from all-embracing to zany), storytelling, live action, documentary, VFX, and tabletop, General Market and Hispanic Market, united in its cultural diversity and the distinct imprint of each director and team: Biceps, Rocio Crudo, Luis Gerard, Kristian Mercado, Alina Montero, Peter & Annie, and Beatriz Sanchez. The company talent pool also includes EM + Poster directors Sebastian Caporelli, Plastico, and Maca Rubio.