Thursday, May. 28, 2020
charlieuniformtango Tango Band Performs “The Kids Are Alright”

The charlieuniformtango Tango Band brings us some joy and shares some family Quarantango time with us with their performance o

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Tuesday, May. 26, 2020
244th Marine Corps Birthday Cadence

The Marine Corps marked its 244th anniversary in celebratory manner with the release of an ad campaign featuring its first-ever "birthday" running cadence. Conceived by Atlanta agency Wunderman Thompson and featuring a soundtrack composed and recorded by Howling Music, Nashville.

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Friday, May. 22, 2020 "Real you - Dance Interrupted"

A dancing dad realizes his family Zoom meeting is still in progress, in this ad from Created via Huge, Inc, and directed by Brandon Bray of Contagious, the campaign shows how people are being their realest selves at home.

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Friday, May. 22, 2020 "Friday"

It's easy to lose track of time in a seemingly endless stream of home-school days, as one kid does in this spot for Directed by Brandon Bray of Contagious, the spots were shot entirely in the home of the director, with his family (including daughter Brooklyn, 11) pitching in.

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Friday, May. 22, 2020 "Commute"

It's a short commute from the couch to...the couch, in this spot for Directed by Brandon Bray of Contagious, the series of spots were shot at the director's home while under quarantine, with his family (including wife Mia) pitching in.

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Wednesday, May. 20, 2020
Celebrities #PasstheMic To Experts on COVID-19 | ONE World

Union NY's Chris Huth edited his video for #PassTheMic, a campaign featuring global health, economic and policy experts, frontline workers and celebrities joining together to discuss the need for a global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tuesday, May. 12, 2020
Calabash Toy Reel

Even amidst a global pandemic, the toy niche continues to thrive with numerous toy manufacturers reporting sales spikes since social distancing entered our collective lexicon.

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Friday, May. 8, 2020
Rising Sun Pictures Education - How To Become Industry Ready

Rising Sun Pictures Education in partnership with UniSA deliver accredited training in visual effects. Learn how to become industry ready.

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Thursday, May. 7, 2020
Rainier's "Hibeernation"

DNA was about to produce year 2 of its “Rewild the Rainiers” campaign which was all about getting into the outdoors - when  suddenly being outside was off-limits. The agency pivoted from getting people into the outdoors to ‘help people stay connected to the outdoors from their living room.’ 

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Wednesday, May. 6, 2020
MAMMA MIA! Voices Apart, 2020, Together at Heart

Lola Lott, principal/CEO charlieuniformtango announces the completion of a work of love for Woodrow Wilson High School.

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