Filmotechnic, the largest camera car company in the world, recently completed five shoots in five US cities the first week of May, including car spots in Los Angeles, Austin and NYC, a commercial in Detroit and feature film in Charlotte.

“Having recently opened outposts all over the country helped Filmotechnic USA with being able to pull off five jobs in five cities in one week,” says Filmotechnic USA President Thom Tanton. “We make it affordable to filmmakers by having our cars, gear and crews close to the cities they are working in. Filmotechnic now has the entire US covered.”

Filmotechnic’s Russian Arms and Flight Heads are booked for movies, TV series, commercials as well as coverage of the Olympic games. Today’s Russian Arm is attached to gyro-stabilized 3-axis remote camera (flight) heads. The Arm leads the industry in filming moving objects, able to shoot from just about every angle and speed, in all weather conditions. “Our Russian Arm and Flight Head V or VI with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Mercedes ML (for track and street) or Ford Raptor camera car (for off-road) are the most popular solutions,” says Tanton. “Producers come to us for our proven, Oscar-winning technology.”

Tanton adds, “We have the most professional crew and reliable gear in the industry. We have the only factory authorized and supported Russian Arms in the business. Many clients tell us that they wouldn’t be able to get the job done without our equipment.”

About Filmotechnic
Filmotechnic is an original in the industry and established the innovative standards with which other companies are measured. Over the past 25 years, Oscar® Award Winner Anotoliy Kokush, along with Denis Kokush, have built a legacy of advancing camera car systems. The company’s track record of Academy Award® winning developments coupled with other respected achievements in enabling camera movements and image stabilization, deliver a diverse range of professional camera systems, camera cranes and gyro stabilized heads for film, motion picture, and advertising industries. 

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