Award-winning Editor Liz Deegan is making a move across the Atlantic as she joins the company’s London office.  A versatile and accomplished editor, Deegan is known for her emotive and humanistic storytelling as well as her high energy approach to stylized commercial editing. 

She has teamed with agencies including Energy BBDO, Deutsch, mcgarrybowen, Johannes Leonardo, TAG Creative and VML, cutting work for top brands like Google, Spotify, Adidas, Ford, Airbnb, Nike, and The National Safety Council. Her work in commercials as well as short and feature films has been honored at festivals including The Clios, AICP and Cannes. 

Recently, Deegan cut 'Seven Mothers' a short film to promote the launch of groundbreaking fashion label Pyer Moss’ latest collaboration with Reebok. Written and directed by the internationally acclaimed Director X, the film showcases Pyer Moss fashion through an evocative patchwork of emotional vignettes inspired by chapters in the designer, Kirby Jean-Raymond's own childhood, and pays tribute to the seven women who helped raise him after the untimely death of his mother. 

Deegan joined Whitehouse Post New York in the fall of 2018, but always had the goal of moving to London. “I've always loved London, it's a diverse and exciting city, as is New York, but London has a direct train to Paris!” says Deegan.  Having long admired the inventiveness of European advertising, she looks forward to immersing herself in it. “I'm hoping to benefit from the experience of working in a new market, especially one that is connected to Europe. The creativity of British and European agencies and the award-winning work that comes out of London speaks for itself. I also look forward to working alongside the amazingly talented Whitehouse editors in the London office.”

“We are very happy to have Liz join us in London,” says Partner/ Editor John Smith ACE.  “She has a gift for telling very personal stories, oftentimes tough stories, with compassion and generosity.  We are excited to see what is next for her!”