Sixteen-year-old, High School of The Performing Arts junior Whitney Woerz releases “Idea of Her”, the powerful debut music video and single from her forthcoming EP release Iridescent today.  Directed by actor and director Miles Szanto (Facing Addiction Across America, Rough Sweat) and produced by Jordan of Visceral Media. The video and song are now available on all digital platforms: Spotify - // iTunes - // Amazon -  The official music video can be viewed at

On the making of the video with Whitney Woerz, Szanto says, “Today, music videos are once again, cinematic experiences and Whitney brought this life with an incredible narrative. What struck me about this young artist, she wasn’t just making music ‘just because.’ There is a message behind this song and I found her lyrics important and impactful for our times.”

Whitney has quickly become a voice for her generation whose deep connection to her fans has made a profound impact as proven by her over 100 million views on YouTube.   Iridescent touches on life’s intersection of teen angst, unrequited love, friendship and the emotional challenges of today’s youth.

“Idea of Her,” in particular, puts Whitney’s vocal talents and songwriting abilities on full display.  The powerful video brings an internal battle to life as Whitney struggles to break free from the confines of a cage to rescue herself from the perfect image she has been pressured to display.

“It’s incredibly difficult to be a teenager right now.  With social media it’s easy to become lost in pressure to be and act a certain way” explains Whitney.   “I want my fans to know that they are not alone and I hope my musical honesty encourages others to feel empowered to be their authentic selves.”

Whitney is equal parts passion and talent.  Her strength as a songwriter stems from her ability to poignantly and accurately depict a multitude of relevant teenage issues. She is a teen ambassador for Glenn Close’s non-profit organization, BringChange2Mind which is working to eliminate the stigma attached to Mental illness in teens including Depression, Anxiety and Self-Harm.  Whitney has made a commitment to share a portion of her profits with the organization