Wondros’ Sophie Muller, an award-winning music video and commercial director, lauded for her highly stylized work, has recently completed a new immersive video project with the rock band, The Kills. Highlighting their song “Whirling Eye,” from their 5th record, 2016’s Ash & Ice, the Virtual Reality (VR) video used GoPro technology to capture the impact of the music’s visuals. Muller, an award winning and cutting edge director, utilized Omni, GoPro’s synchronized 6-camera array, a professional end-to-end solution for capturing, stitching and editing high-resolution virtual reality and immersive content. 
The video brings audiences into the music and motion of the song in a more realistic and immersive way. Muller’s use of camera and motion provide a powerful expression of the song, unique in comparison to a traditional 2D video. Muller, as in so many of her projects, breaks boundaries, she did the same in directing this project, pushing the technology hard to evoke the emotion and depth of the surroundings the film was shot. 
For the full 360-degree experience of “Whirling Eye,” watch in Google Chrome, via your smartphone device or on a mobile VR headset. Explore by using your mouse or the ASWD keys. Link to:  http://www.you3tube.com/watch?v=Da-3Xxz2XEc
“I have had a long-term relationship with The Kills and an opportunity to work together and in VR was an experience I am grateful for having. There is a unique way to work with VR technology and my approach was to test my limits, the band’s and the tools,” stated Muller. “It was an experience and opportunity I hope to be involved with again.

Screenwork Credits
Production: Wondros 
Director: Sophie Muller
Senior Executive Producer: Dilly Gent
Video Commissioner: Dilly Gent
Line Producer: Grant Jue
DP: Dannel Escallon
Production Designer: N/A
Editorial: N/A
Editor:  Sophie Muller
VR Supervisor: Peter Oberdorfer
Lead Stitching Artist: Justin Chin
Managing EP/ Dir. of Business Dev.: Michael Bennett
Executive Producer: Michelle Hammond
Producer: Kirsten Collabolletta
Flame Asst: Jerome Knight
VFX - After Effects: Flawless FX 
Creative Director: Howard Shur
Post Supervisor: Carlos Gonzales
Compositor: Nate Skeen
About Wondros
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