WoodShop Studios unveils yet another delectable spot for The Laughing Cow entitled “Do Your Thing,” encouraging viewers to celebrate their freedom of snacking. With an enticing marriage of live action and animation, WoodShop continues to make their mark as product specialists with Food Commercial Director Trevor Shepard understanding how products look, how they move, and how they make people feel.

To view the new spot, go here.

“Our vision for this set of spots was to combine fun, personable characters with delicious food imagery that came to life through motion and animation,” says Trevor Shepard. Trevor and team worked with agency creatives in designing every frame to be full of color and energy -- a visual showcase of everything The Laughing Cow products have to offer.

WoodShop executed the production, 2D/3D animation, and finishing for the spot through a combination of high-speed photography, diligent food styling, and a composite-driven postproduction process. Agency Calvary Y&R shepherded this campaign from pitch to finish while maintaining the joy that these products bring out in all snack routines -- no matter who you are.

Screenwork Credits

Client: Laughing Cow

Spot Title: "Do Your Thing" :30

Advertising Agency: Calvary Y&R

Production Company: WoodShop Studios

Director: Trevor Shepard
Executive Producer: Sam Swisher
Producer: Ursula Camack

Design/VFX Company: WoodShop Studios
Art Director: Michelle Pak
Designer: Anthony Madlangbayan
Storyboard Artist: Chad Jackson
Previs: Bradley Morris
3D: Tim Kadowaki, DeAndre Moore
Animation: Alfredo Tognetti
Flame Lead: Marguerite Cargill
Flame Artist: Cathy Shaw
Flame Artist: Kevin McDonald
Head of Post Production: Paul Winze
EP of Post-Production: Linda Jackson
Production Coordinator: Tavis Vannucci

About WoodShop
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