The 100-year-old story of the lynching of Frank Embree is brought to life by up and coming filmmaker Skinner Myers in an award winning live action short film.

FRANK EMBREE is a powerful story masterfully told by Skinner Myers. This 8-minute film tells the story simply, beautifully, and artistically, and allows the audience to experience their own emotional journey with how they relate to Frank Embree’s story. With the success of recent true story films such as 12 YEARS A SLAVE and HIDDEN FIGURES, this new short film, FRANK EMBREE, brings yet another intriguing, albeit heartbreaking, tale to life.

11 years ago, writer/director Skinner Myers saw an old photograph of the last moments in the life of Frank Embree who remained strong after receiving over 100 lashes. He felt a connection with the man in the photograph as well as a rush of emotions that stayed with him through Columbia University, Brooklyn College, and USC Film School. Over the years, he learned more of his story: Frank Embree was a black man accused of raping a white girl (although there were no witnesses) and was overtaken by a mob while being moved to the courthouse for his trial. Skinner Myerspondered the image over the years, running through a gamut of emotions from anger, helplessness, frustration, sadness, and finally took it upon himself to do what he could do for this man from history: he memorialized him in film.

FRANK EMBREE screened at the Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, CA as part of ShortsTV's "Shorts From Around The World" theatrical release making it eligible for Academy and Guilds' members consideration in all applicable categories.

Skinner Myers’ other films include CHIMERA, THE LAST SUPPER, OBSCURED, NIGGER, LA TIERRA DEL EXODO, as well as the feature documentary film DRINKING FROM THE WELL, which was shot in Uganda capturing the real lives of Ugandan youth struggling to create a positive future in an environment that tests every ability to survive. Collectively, Skinner Myers' films have earned dozens of awards at film festivals all over the world, including Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Short Film. Skinner Myers is currently in post production on his 8th film, NIGHTMARES BY THE SEA, and has a TV Show entitled, JIM CROW, in development.

FRANK EMBREE stars Skinner Myers as Frank Embree, Ato Essandoh (Chicago Med, Jason Bourne, X-Men: Dark Phoenix) as Charles Embree (voice), and J. Marvin Campbell (Ray Donavan, Justified) as Wood Doughtery.

Skinner Myers is available for phone or Skype interviews, and in-person interviews within the Southern California area. He is rep'd by Susan Ferris at Bohemia Group.

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