Zevia, a leading zero sugar, zero calorie beverage company, recently kicked off an integrated spot-market campaign heralding the release of its new product line, Zevia Kidz. The "It's Everything You Wished For" campaign was conceived and brought to life by full-service marketing agency Haberman, through digital video, digital banners and rich media, paid social and a national public relations and influencer program.

"Zevia Kidz is a great solution for parents looking for a lightly fizzy drink for their kids that has zero sugar and contains nothing artificial," said Paddy Spence, CEO, Zevia. "Our campaign is a true testament to that - we show real reactions from kids trying our drinks for the first time, allowing viewers to see that Zevia Kidz is a win-win. This launch extends our commitment to reducing sugar consumption, and we're thrilled to bring another option to the market."

The new line is available for purchase on Amazon.com, Zevia.com and at select retailers. 

"For this exciting addition to the Zevia family of zero sugar beverages, we had the idea to capture kids' authentic reactions to their first sips of new Zevia Kidz," said Emalie Wichmann, Creative Director, Haberman. "Their reactions were not only authentic, they were adorable."

The campaign's spots were produced by design-driven production company Sarofsky and directed by its principal, Erin Sarofsky. "I was really excited to cast a kid-centric campaign and work directly with the young, on-screen talents," Erin explained. "What you see are the authentic responses to my interview questions, formulated after tasting and interacting with the product extensively. It was so much fun capturing their interactions with the product. In the studio, we also had a blast adding little bits of illustrated, animated graphics punctuating the best moments."

These new spots are a bright reflection of Sarofsky's delight in being part of the Zevia-Haberman love connection. "First, the team at Haberman is fantastic," Erin added. "From our very first project together, they have been fun, open-minded, passionate about the work and their client, respectful of the process, amazing creative partners, and an absolute joy to be around. We laughed a lot on this project; in my experience, that only happens when clients are highly valued and well cared for."

Nodding to her campaign editor Tom Pastorelle for his masterful abilities to build compelling sequences of virtually any length, Erin savored these live-action directing opportunities coming her way, which allow her to influence stories throughout production and post. 

Complete campaign credits are available upon request.

View the Zevia Kidz spots on Sarofsky's website, and learn more about the brand at Zevia.com and under Zevia on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

About Sarofsky
Director, creative director and designer Erin Sarofsky launched Sarofsky in Chicago in 2009 to provide her patent, design-driven production services to leaders in the advertising and entertainment industries worldwide. Today, Sarofsky's staff artists use animation, visual effects, computer graphics and live-action to collaborate with illustrious clientele from concept to delivery, producing work that is visceral, innovative and diverse. With artistry that heightens audience impact through sublime commercials, brand films, title sequences and much more, Sarofsky's reputation for breakthrough design, its proven cross-media production expertise, and its fabulous Olson Kundig-designed studio in Chicago's West Loop are all key components of the attraction. Learn more at http://www.sarofsky.com.

About Haberman
Haberman is a full-service marketing agency with a clearly defined mission — to tell the stories of pioneers who are making a difference in the world. Storytelling unites the agency's work — from strategic planning to creative campaign execution — across all channels including branding, advertising, public relations, digital and social, and experiential. Haberman specializes in helping pioneers in a variety of industries. As modern storytellers, the agency team helps organizations generate revenue, inspire engagement and drive positive social change. For more, visit http://www.modernstorytellers.com

About Zevia
Founded in 2007 and based in Los Angeles, California, Zevia is committed to providing zero sugar, zero calorie beverages to help you live your best. Zevia's beverage lines include Sodas, Organic Teas, Energy Drinks, Cocktail Mixers, Sparkling Water and Kidz Beverages. All of Zevia's products are naturally sweetened with stevia and are made with simple, plant-based ingredients like real ginger and citrus oil—they're also Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, kosher, vegan and free of artificial ingredients. Zevia is sold at more than 40,000 stores nationwide in addition to Amazon.com and their website. For more information about Zevia, including a store locator, visit http://www.Zevia.com or follow them on social media @Zevia.