1) What industry trends or developments were most significant in 2017?

2) How did your company adjust/adapt to the marketplace in 2017? (diversification, new resources/talent/technology, new strategies, etc.) You are welcome to cite specific piece of work which shows how lessons learned in 2017 were applied.

3) What work in 2017 are you most proud of? (Please cite any unique challenges encountered)

4) Gazing into your crystal ball, what do you envision for the industry—creatively speaking and/or from a business standpoint—in 2018? (can focus on advertising, entertainment, production or post)

5) What’s your New Year’s resolution, creatively speaking and/or from a business standpoint, for your company, agency or division? Do you have a personal New Year’s resolution that you can you share? And if you like, tell us briefly about a project you’ll be working on in early 2018?

Erica Fite
Creative director/co-founder
Fancy LLC

3) We are most proud of two commercials we did for Lion’s Den, a 46-store adult retail chain determined to evolve into a top-of-mind sexual wellness brand. We needed to shift perception of this mostly male, DVD-centric, pull-off-the-highway adult superstore in order to make it an appealing destination for women and couples. Our woman-owned and operated agency specializes in creating emotional connections between women and brands and we centered our new campaign around the idea that taking care of your sexual self is an important part of your overall wellness and something that should be considered every day. We believe, and it seems like we’re not alone in this, that whether solo or with a partner, we all deserve to have pleasure and enjoy life—it’s good for your body, it’s good for your emotions, and it’s good for your relationship. Plus, it’s fun!

5) We have a theory that women over 40 are misunderstood, misrepresented, and sometimes just plain ignored by marketers. It’s our agency New Year’s resolution to change the landscape by truly recognizing who women over 40 are and who they are becoming. We’re conducting a nationwide survey with hundreds of women aged 40 years and older to get to the heart of what matters to them. How they feel and what’s motivating to them. We are also pulling together a panel of insightful women to provide a sounding board, a variety of perspectives, and spirited debate about what it means to be a woman over 40 today. Our goal is to help brands speak to this valuable group of overlooked consumers in a way that’s resonating and compelling. These ladies are loyal, they’ve got money, and right now they feel like they’re left out of the conversation with brands.

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