Monday, July 22, 2019

2018 Mid Year Report Card - Gary Paticoff

1) What trends, developments or issues would you point to thus far in 2018 as being most significant, perhaps carrying implications for the rest of the year and beyond?

2) What work (advertising or entertainment)—your own or others—struck a responsive chord with you and/or was the most effective strategically and/or creatively? Does any work stand out to you in terms of meshing advertising and entertainment?

3) Though gazing into the crystal ball is a tricky proposition, we nonetheless ask you for any forecast you have relative to the creative and/or business climate for the second half of 2018 and beyond.

4) What do recent honors on the awards show circuit (Cannes Lions, AICP Show/Next Awards, AICE winners or Emmy nominations) tell us in terms of creative and/or strategic themes and trends in the industry at large?

5) What new technology, equipment or software will you be investing in later this year or next year for your company or yourself personally, and why? Or, tell us about what new technology investment you’ve made this year and why it was a good decision—or not?

6) What efforts are you making to increase diversity and inclusion in terms of women and ethnic minority filmmakers? How do you go about mentoring new talent?

Gary Paticoff
EVP, Chief Production Officer

1) The maximizing of deliverable assets on any given project. The new requirements when producing work is video, digital, social, stills and BTS content. It’s expected that we will deliver all required content during the timeframe of a production. I’d say the trend is that there are a lot more specialists involved than ever before.

2) Our work for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Society. We brought together over 20 animation and design companies that traditionally compete against each other. They all contributed work that sometimes crossed ownership for the good of the collective project. In the end we delivered 22 unique animated films and an AR component. These spoke directly to kids explaining the treatment process and feelings they might be experiencing as they fought their battles against brain cancer. Strategically we addressed an area that had not been addressed before in this way. Creatively we did it with our partners in such a way that in entertained and informed at the same time.

3) Continue to stretch the budgets to supply the desired content for all platforms. I also think we’ll be challenged with compressing timelines even more.

4) That creativity is still valued. It’s harder than ever to create work that gets noticed. That’s why it’s so important to do this type of work.

5) We’ve been investing in tools that help us become more efficient. Trying to work in a more agile environment that will allow us to cover the scope of needs without having to continually add resources.

6) I tell my producers that if we don’t search out the qualified options of which there are many, things aren’t going to change. We have to be the ones to make the opportunities.

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