1) What advice do you have for new directors? 

2) What advice can you offer to up-and-coming producers? 

3) Learning is an ongoing process even for the most seasoned producer. Would you share a recent lesson learned on the job, perhaps related to a project involving new technology (i.e., VR, AR, AI, etc.) or another experience? 

4) What recent project are you particularly proud of—and why? You can include a direct link to it. 

Melissa Ciampa
Founder/Executive Producer
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1) Stick with your vision, don’t compromise your integrity. Create your own projects, be willing to wok on spec and be your best marketer.

2) As an up-and-coming producer, there are so many avenues that you can venture into. My thoughts are to stay open minded to all possibilities that may cross your path. You never know what doors may open or where paths may lead you. Speaking from experience, I have always had a goal and focus on where I would like to take myself and my business. However, I could have not visualized how the path would unfold.

3) Yes, I am continually learning sometimes stumbling through the process. Just yesterday, I had an enlightening experience during a meeting with a dear friend, our director and another producer. We have been having some creative differences on a project and I was ready to chalk it up as a loss! However, being open, honest and available to other’s feedback, concerns and creative passion, we were able to walk away with a mutual agreement and commitment to continue on with the project. I am proud of that.

4) I am proud of my work on the upcoming “Pose” Print and Social Media Campaign. I am proud to be involved in something I feel has a social issue behind it and I love being part of projects that represent real people, hardships and triumph, even if it’s bittersweet. The short film projects we produce have a similar vibe. Our motto is “Creating What Matters,” which I understand may mean different things to different people. To me, it means giving others a voice, a chance to be heard and a platform to tell their stories

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