1) What industry trends or developments were most significant in 2018? 

2) How did your company, agency, network, service or studio adjust/adapt to the marketplace in 2018? (diversification, new resources/talent/technology, new strategies, etc.) You are welcome to cite a specific piece of work which shows how lessons learned in 2018 were applied.

3) What work in 2018 are you most proud of? 

4) Gazing into your crystal ball, what do you envision for the industry--creatively speaking and/or from a business standpoint--in 2019? 

5) What’s your New Year’s resolution, creatively speaking and/or from a business standpoint, for your company, agency or division? Do you have a personal New Year’s resolution that you can share? And if you like, tell us about a project you’ll be working on in early 2019

Gerard Caputo
Chief Creative Officer

1) I think some of the biggest developments we’ve seen are around the consolidation of big agencies and a turn to more independent creative shops. Famous, legacy agency names going away and with that the bloated infrastructures and dysfunction. There continues to be a push for more diverse perspectives from all genders, races, cultures, and disciplines contributing to how ideas are created, enriched and delivered, which actually reflects our society today.

2) We have rallied around the core of what we do best - creating world-class creative ideas that help our clients win in the market. There’s a lot of pressure to be everything to everyone and for BBH it was time to lean in harder on what we are great at and match ourselves with the clients that need and appreciate it. The pressure for brands to connect with consumers bomarded with thousands of marketing messages every day means we need to help connect them to the idea in many different ways and constantly strive for new methods to do that. We still have the expertise to deliver in multiple outputs across a very fragmented media landscape but it starts with an insightful, creatively potent idea at the center.

3) Our “Play Fearlessly” film for PlayStation, “Freedom to Fuck” campaign for Planned Parenthood of NYC, the Survivornet.com website design, “War of the Floor” activation for PlayStation and our data-driven “Seamless Awards” campaign for Seamless.

4) I have no way of predicting the future but I’m hoping to see more creatively driven agencies become more appreciated and, in turn, make the changes necessary to become more relevant to clients’ needs. I’m hoping to see more inspiring work from a storytelling perspective that connects emotionally with the viewer, who not only is a consumer but happens to be a human being. There’s so much garbage out there. I would like to see the negativity and fear mongering press headlines go away.

5) Staying true to who we are, more unity, speed, simplicity, and empathy. Maybe fewer carbs.

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