1) What’s the most relevant business and/or creative lesson you learned in 2018 and how will you apply it in 2019? 
2) Gazing into your crystal ball, what do you envision for the industry--creatively speaking or from a business standpoint--in 2019? 
3) What are your goals, creatively speaking and/or from a business standpoint, for your company or division in 2019? 
4) Tell us about one current project you are working on in early 2019. 
5) Last year’s constant headlines of gender pay disparity, sexual misconduct and worse brought issues to everyone’s attention that were long overdue to be dealt with. There have been industry wide-strides made towards righting these wrongs but there’s a long way to go. Can you tell us what policies you have in place or plan to implement in 2019 to ensure racial and gender diversity, pay equality and a safe/inclusive work environment for everyone in your company or division? 
6) Does your company have plans for any major expansion/investment in technology in 2019 and if so, in what? How will this investment add value to the services you offer to your clients? 
Megan Kelly
Founder/Managing Partner
Honor Society

1) This past year has confirmed for me that whatever the changes and challenges are, great talent and work still stands out. We continue see great creative and work with creative partners/collaborators that excite and push us. Sure, we have to work harder to deliver for the smaller budgets, but we are up to the challenge. 

2) I think that we are going to continue to see changes in the business, with the overall state of the industry remaining in flux for quite some time to come. Companies will continue to think about business models differently: brands, agencies, production companies and any hybrid in between will all continue to seek better solutions to succeed in creating great content that leads to measurable and lasting impact, both from a business and cultural POV.

3) We are still a young company, but we have found ourselves lucky enough to continue to grow in this fluctuating environment and have had the creative opportunities to take on work that helps us flourish as a company and challenge and grow our directors. We also want to continue to further drive important discussions forward surrounding diversity and women’s leadership within the industry.

4) The work that we are doing on the entertainment front is really beginning to develop and we are really excited about taking on more projects that look at telling branded stories through more than just short form content.

5) Diversity and equality are extremely important to our company, and as one of the founding members of OWNED, a global coalition of women-owned companies in the advertising production industry, I really strive to drive the conversation forward surrounding women leadership and ownership in this industry. I also feel it’s important how we rethink our workplaces to make the lives of all of our employees better, encouraging a healthier work/life blend. As a company, we have also made a pledge to make sure 30% or more of our crews are made up of women and we aim to continue to help foster female talent across all aspects of commercial production.

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