1) What’s the most relevant business and/or creative lesson you learned in 2018 and how will you apply it in 2019? 
2) Gazing into your crystal ball, what do you envision for the industry--creatively speaking or from a business standpoint--in 2019? 
3) What are your goals, creatively speaking and/or from a business standpoint, for your company or division in 2019? 
4) Tell us about one current project you are working on in early 2019. 
5) Last year’s constant headlines of gender pay disparity, sexual misconduct and worse brought issues to everyone’s attention that were long overdue to be dealt with. There have been industry wide-strides made towards righting these wrongs but there’s a long way to go. Can you tell us what policies you have in place or plan to implement in 2019 to ensure racial and gender diversity, pay equality and a safe/inclusive work environment for everyone in your company or division? 
6) Does your company have plans for any major expansion/investment in technology in 2019 and if so, in what? How will this investment add value to the services you offer to your clients? 
Shawnette Heard
Creative Director/Director
Spittn Image

1) The most relevant business lessons I learned in 2018 would have to be “clarity” when on a creative project with other creatives. I have been on several great projects where “collaboration” was at the heart. But the one thing I know that can make a collaboration a bit “muddy” is expectations or not being clear on the creative goal. I had to really look at my part when it comes to working with others. As I go into a few projects for 2019 with other creatives, I find myself being very clear with what is asked of me and what I ask of others. So we can make the process enjoyable and effective.

2) The industry is at a really interesting crossroads, with social media being at the forefront. It’s really easy to get caught up into rushing projects, to stay afloat with the heavy competition that is seen online. I really believe social media can be a great asset if you don’t let it dictate your talent and creativity. But use it as a platform to share, promote, motivate, and last but not least, inspire. I believe it’s going to be a great balance in exciting projects that are independently inspired, and perfectly executed with today’s technology across the board.

3) I am joyful about the goals we have for 2019. Spittn Image has grown into a really safe creative home. Which has been our goal from Day 1. We are starting to expand our company in fun, creative ways. It’s going to be exciting to share these projects in the future. I truly believe when Melissa Ciampa decided to start Spittn Image, she had the heart and love for the production industry drive the company, which still stands today. I am honored to be the Creative Director of a company that motivates me and inspires me.

4) I am excited about the completion of my next short film “The Witching Hour,” which was exec produced by Melissa Ciampa and written by Lucia Tarantino. This was a great project to be part of. I learned so much as a filmmaker. I took some risk and stretched myself creatively with the responsibility of such a tender story. I hope it resonates with the audience. Sometimes, you just never know. LOL. We are embarking on the “film festival” journey now. Excited for the possibilities.

5) I am really inspired about the actions being taken against these issues. We as a strong, female-led company, obviously really keep our rights in place and at the forefront. But we also work with respectable teams and employees. Our platform is very liberal and morally conscious. I am excited to continue to see such issues addressed, in order to keep our rights as women just as equal in the work place.

6) Our company Spittn Image is slowly expanding with other creatives added to the roster. We believe that with careful selection to our team, we will be able to create “what matters” content to the world, and give creatives a safe home to create in. With no boundaries!

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