2021 Industry Outlook Survey Response

Danielle Peretz
Sr. Executive Producer
Wondros Collective


How will the events of 2020--from the pandemic to the call for social and racial justice--impact the content you create and/or the way you work?

The events of 2020 have changed the way we conduct our business forever; and frankly, in very important and good ways. Safety, respect and inclusion are the key words that come to mind. We have been very cautious about what jobs to engage on, all based on the approach and how safe the production can be. Given that no one knows when production processes will be what they once were, I think we are developing some protocols that will stay with us indefinitely. Being respectful of personal space, how clean we consistently keep our hands and equipment, are a few protocols that I believe (and hope) will become the new normal. Regarding racial injustice, prioritizing the diversity of our roster, employees and production crews has always been at the top on my agenda as well as since joining Wondros in the Fall of 2019. Going beyond gender diversification to ensure that humans of color and all backgrounds are hired to give every qualified person the opportunity to excel in this business is essential.

What’s your New Year’s resolution, creatively speaking or from a business standpoint, for your agency, department or company?

Each New Year, I come up with a word or phrase that ends up being a kind of mantra. For 2021, it’s “Trust the process.” It resonates for me since I cannot control a whole lot of what is happening in our world and in our industry today, but I can choose grace in moving through it. That feels better to me than the other options.

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