2024 Production Outlook Survey Response: Predictions, AI, DEI, Lessons Learned

Miriam Franklin
EVP, Director of Integrated Production
Deutsch NY




What’s the most relevant business and/or creative lesson you learned in 2023 and how will you apply it to 2024? 

The most relevant lessons I’ve learned, or should I say that have been reinforced, are change is constant and expect the unexpected – always. 2023 saw an exponential growth in technology and adaption into workflows and it’s only going to move faster and faster. 2024 looks to be an exciting ride I cannot wait to see all the new and interesting ways we and clients embrace the constant changes and create amazing work.

While gazing into the crystal ball is a tricky proposition, we nonetheless ask you for any forecast you have relative to content creation and/or the creative and/or business climate for 2024? 

Content creation will continue to grow and change – especially as AI becomes more the norm in workflows. Clients will continue to demand more – quicker & cheaper, quicker & cheaper, quicker & cheaper. But with new tools at our disposal, let’s make sure we pay attention to the legalities, while we also ensure that craft and quality of output do not have to be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of expediency. 2024 is gonna be an exciting ride.

Gender pay disparity, sexual misconduct and the need for diversity & inclusion are issues that have started to be dealt with meaningfully. While the industry has made strides to address these issues, there’s still a long way to go. What policies do you have in place or plan to implement or step up in order to make progress on any or all of these fronts? 

We have always been conscious of diversity & inclusion as well as gender pay disparity. As part of a leadership team that is headed by a woman and is comprised largely of women, we are keenly aware of and sensitive to these issues and are always pushing to ensure our policies are fair and equitable to all. To successfully reflect today’s world, we need to ensure there is meaningful representation on all sides of the table. We strive to ensure select partners with similar beliefs.

What was the biggest challenge posed to you by a recent project? Or share insights to a recent project you deem notable. Briefly describe the project, why it was particularly noteworthy or what valuable lesson(s) you learned from it. If the work is complete and you’d like to share a link to it, please include.

LOLOLOL. By nature, every production poses challenges and half the fun and satisfaction is running toward those challenges and finding clever ways to solve them. As a producer, I learn something new on every project as no “opportunity” ever presents itself the same way twice. It’s what makes the job so exciting and fresh.

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