Tuesday, January 22, 2019

February 2017 Production Outlook Survey - Tim McGuire

1) Gazing into your crystal ball, what do you envision for the industry—creatively speaking and/or from a business standpoint—in 2017? 

2) What’s your New Year’s resolution, creatively speaking and/or from a business standpoint, for your company, agency or division? And if you like, tell us briefly about a current project you are working on in early 2017? 

3) What’s the most relevant business and/or creative lesson you learned in 2016 and how will you apply it to foster success in 2017? 

4) Do you have a personal New Year’s resolution that you can you share? 

Tim McGuire
Cutters Studios

1) In 2017 we will continue to transition our company to be able to respond to the needs of the many opportunities that come our way. Cutters Studios has seen more and more of its business coming from diverse sources, i.e., marketing agencies, PR agencies, professional service companies, client direct, along with our traditional ad agency business. The way Cutters Studios is set up providing very high level production, editorial, design, animation, VFX, audio mixing, sound design and new media puts us in a very enviable position to offer content creation from start to finish. Creatively, maybe a continued trend of more long form storytelling as we’ve done recently with Hallmark. Also, more brands continuing to venture into Cause Marketing. Using their power and money to bring attention to worthy causes.

2) This is the year of diversification as we move into new areas of opportunity. It’s early in the year, but we’re working on some very creative projects for BCBS, McDonald’s, Nintendo and more. Unfortunately, none are released for air yet so we can’t be specific regarding the creative.

3) It’s always the same: It’s your creative talent and the culture that encourages the continued growth of that talent. As this industry gets more and more competitive, our talent, culture and relationships are what will see us through.

4) To continue to remind myself that I’m a very lucky guy to be working with so many talented cool people!

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