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Kira Carstensen
Global Managing Partner

What advice do you have for new directors?

Include whatever you feel will be helpful...

The most important thing for new directors is to not wait for the perfect opportunities to come along; you have to create your opportunities. That means making things that move you, that show the audience how you see the world. In the beginning of your career, this is the time to establish your voice and vision. There will be plenty of time for compromise later. But in the beginning, you have the great privilege of deciding what stories you want to tell. With the ability to self-distribute on YouTube or Vimeo channels, your work will get noticed. The right people will find you if you are true to your voice and vision. The second thing to note is that film is a collaborative medium - you need others to realize your vision. So, if you don’t come from a film school, seek out groups like Women in Film or Film Independent, where you can find support and crew to help you make things.

Any tips on how to balance career and personal life?

Choose projects that are rewarding and fulfilling; that move your career in a direction where you are growing and learning. If you choose projects wisely, where every time you step on set you think: “that was time well spent”, then you won’t be tempted to take every opportunity that comes your way. You have to step away every now and then and fill the tank. Time with family and friends fills your tank, and creates much needed perspective to make your future projects better.

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