Inspiring The Aspiring

Rebecca Niles
Managing Director, Live Action

What advice do you have for new directors?

Include whatever you feel will be helpful...

Enjoy the process! Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way in the early days, and strive to make it the absolute best. Research production companies of all sizes, and find fellow directors’ work you love, and reach out to them to share your work, even if just one piece. Remember you are emailing a human on the other side and be personable!

Don’t rush to get on a roster too quickly, develop your style, and ask for advice from those you admire. Eventually, you will find the right team and EP who will help you foster your directorial style and push you in new ways. Getting on a roster won’t guarantee a windfall of work, especially at the beginning of your career. Keep going after opportunities to shoot; you never know which small job will get you your first big one.

Remember that the vibe you give off will follow you. Prioritize making fantastic work and treating everyone around you well. Cherish and foster relationships, and don’t let perfectionism hold you back from sharing. The work you’ve done, plus your network, will pay off in ways you can’t even imagine right now.

Any tips on how to balance career and personal life?

This will look different year-to-year, sometimes, day-to-day. Burnt-out creatives are never doing their best work. Log off Instagram; comparison is never productive! Unplug, find a non-lucrative hobby, have a meal with friends, and don’t discuss work -- we’ll all still be here when you return!

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