1) What advice do you have for new directors? 

2) What advice can you offer to up-and-coming producers? 

3) Learning is an ongoing process even for the most seasoned producer. Would you share a recent lesson learned on the job, perhaps related to a project involving new technology (i.e., VR, AR, AI, etc.) or another experience?

4) What recent project are you particularly proud of—and why? 

Matt Craigie Atherton
Head of integrated production
adam&eveDDB, London

1) Shoot as much as you can. Whether it’s working on short films, promos or test commercials, you need to feel confident in your storytelling abilities. From what I’ve seen (some friends that were London runners 10 years ago are now LA directors), the best way to get a showreel together & get representation to make work, is to hone your craft. Only when you’ve already got great creative projects under your belt are you able to get selective about your next job - so make sure your own creative integrity is present in everything you do.

2) Similarly, it’s about throwing yourself at as many different jobs as you can & gaining experience. It’s all about experience because no one job is the same as the next, and you learn something new on every project. The best producers are chameleons who are also part creatives, part client handlers, who have plenty of practical knowledge & on the job learning. So always be open to new opportunities, in fact throw yourself at them! The role of the producer is to pull together the best team you can, so never be afraid to seek help from others.

3) Learning is an ongoing process, and some lessons are harder to swallow than others. When it comes to evolutions in tech, you just have to be on the front foot & embrace everything you gleam from the experts. Proactively push yourself towards learning, but know that you’ll never know everything. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to secure that contract or clear that legal land mine, things don’t go your way. But don’t run away from it, as the producer you need to highlight the issues and try to find solutions, not bury your head in the sand.

4) I’m always proud of the work that our team hone and create, especially those projects that breakthrough into the public conscious. Because ultimately it’s all about making great work and communicating with the biggest audience possible. And it’s great to make work which is truly original. So being a part of last years H&M Holidays project, directed by Wes Anderson, was a particular highlight.

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