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You are among a select group of ad agency heads of production, chief creative officers and other senior level executives invited to participate in this survey--we’re eager to hear your reflections on 2019 along with your visions and aspirations for 2020. (Survey participation is by invitation only and not transferable; only invited executives should respond.)

We’d love to get your insights and feedback for our Year In Perspective feature article which will appear across all of our digital platforms--SHOOTonline, the SHOOT>e.dition and the SHOOT Dailies on December 13th--in addition, select excerpts will also be included in SHOOT Magazine’s December Print Issue and PDF version. One of the most popular issues of the year, the issue’s features will include Ad Agency of the Year, Top Ten Music Tracks and VFX/Animation Charts, Top Five Best Work of the Year Charts, Part 9 of the ongoing 16-part Road To Oscar Series and more.

While we hope that you will answer all of the questions below, please make sure to answer at least one question from #1-3 and one question from #4-6, and stay within word count limits. SHOOT turns 59 in December so we are always interested to hear how long our readers have been reading SHOOT so we’ve added optional question #7. We appreciate your readership whether you’ve become a reader recently or you’ve been reading SHOOT throughout your career!

Survey Deadline
The FINAL deadline for submitting responses is Friday, November 29th, 9pm PT.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your business and the industry.

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