Welcome to SHOOT's 2020 Film, TV & Commercial Production and Post Outlook Survey.
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Help us kick off the first SHOOT Survey Article of the year, of the decade and of our 60th Anniversary Year (SHOOT wll turn 60 in December)!
You are among a select group of commercial & entertainment production/post company owners, partners and managing directors and network & studio production executives invited to participate in this survey--we're sure that our readers who are industry decision-makers, potential clients and partners will be eager to hear your thoughts on production and post in 2020. (Survey participation is by invitation only and not transferable; only invited executives should respond.)

Participation brings fantastic industry exposure
The survey article will appear across all of our digital platforms--SHOOTonline.com, the SHOOT>e.dition and the SHOOT Dailies--on Friday, 1/24. Select excerpts will also appear in SHOOT Magazine's January/February print issue and bonus PDF version that will be posted on SHOOTonline.com on 1/24 for additional readers to view/download and will be emailed to 22,000 opt-in subscribers on Monday, 1/27.

Your Responses
While we hope that you will answer all of the questions below, please answer at least two questions from the first three. And, please stay within the word count limits.  There are several optional questions - one provides the opportunity to tell our audience about a current project.  Another deals with technology investment/expansion and one deals with important conversations going on about gender pay disparity and sexual misconduct in the workplace. The last one asks how long you've been reading SHOOT and what your job was at the time.  SHOOT will tur 60 in December 2020 and to celebrate we'll have all sorts of special editorial and promotions throughout the year. We may use quotes from this question in some of that promotion.

Survey Deadline
The FINAL deadline for submitting responses is Tuesday, January 14, 9:00PM ET.

To participate in the survey....
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your business and the industry.  Warm regards,
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