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  • Stacy's Stands With You


    For Women’s History Month, Stacy’s Pita Chips created a new line of bags with unique artwork inspired by signs seen at recent women’s rallies. Each bag included Snapcodes to let people call their local representatives, donate, and get involved in women’s issues. Stacy’s handed out the bags to people rallying on International Women’s Day — March 8, 2017 — and also made each bag available online.

    By: Raz Public Relations

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    5 years ago 

    5 years ago 

    Stacy's Stands With You


  • Darien Sport Shop Fashion Film


    The new Darien Sport Shop commercial from Ruben Latre at Hostage Films finds beauty in the magic of life’s quiet but powerful moments.

    By: HYPE

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    Darien Sport Shop Fashion Film


  • Walking War Robots “Father’s Day” video

    Walking War Robots' 'Father’s Day'


    "Father's Day," by creative video agency and commercial production company LightHouse Films, celebrates the holiday a little differently for Pixonic’s massiv

    By: Priya PR

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    6 years ago 

    6 years ago 

    Walking War Robots' ...


  • Valero Energy Corporation Geomedia Animation

    Valero Energy "Did You Know" Pt. 2


    This is the second of two animated spots produced by Geomedia for Valero Energy Corporation that highlight the company's bu

    By: Geomedia

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    6 years ago 

    Valero Energy "Did You...


  • Aquafina FlavorSplash "Make A Splash"


    Can 17 year old pop star Austin Mahone get all the Mahomies to drink the flavored waters of Aquafina? Pepsi is betting yes, with Mahone as pitchman for their Aquafina FlavorSplash line. A promo spot premiered at the 2014 Grammys with director Matt Stawski bringing a splash of flavor to this colorful commercial out of Awesomeness TV.

    By: Joseph Wright

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  • Under Armour's "UA Makes You Better"


    Nice Shoes colorist Lenny Mastrandrea is no stranger to Under Armour, having graded classic spots such as Protect This House, Athlete’s Run, The Charge, Prepare, Cam’s Night Out and Sweat Every Day for the athletic apparel brand. He was excited to collaborate once again on UA Makes You Better, featuring the latest Coldgear apparel utilized by Olympic athletes on ski slopes, ice rinks, and luge tracks.


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    Under Armour's "U...


  • Cooper University Hospital's "Cooper Heart Institute"

    Cooper University Hospital's "Cooper Heart Institute"

    ShootersINC creative team joined forces with Jennings and Cooper University Hospital to create four :30 spots, featuring Kelly Ripa, that capture the technic

    By: SPW Editor

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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield's "Horse"

    Blue Cross Blue Shield's "Horse"

    Editor Tom Pastorelle of The Colonie has joined with HY Connect to create a series of four spots for Blue Cross Blue Shield,  Parachute, Horse, Guide

    By: SPW Editor

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