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  • Golf Channel's "Don't Be a Golf Dinosaur, Book Your ...


    75 million years ago, it would have made sense if you didn't use GolfNow to book tee times. The GolfNow site and app didn't exist.

    But today there's no excuse. And yet, only 11% of all tee times are booked online.

    In the "Don't be a golf dinosaur" campaign, we seek to change that. We make a simple observation: if you're not using GolfNow to get instant tee times at thousands of courses, you're not a modern golfer. You're a lumbering, lurching, squeaking, roaring, polo shirt-wearing golf dinosaur.

    And then, we show what that looks like.

    By: Sapka Communications

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    6 years ago 

    6 years ago 

    Golf Channel's "D...


  • Golf Channel's 2014 Ryder Cup Broadcast Promo

    Golf is a sport of deep tradition, but the broadcasting of this historic pastime is experiencing big changes: Golf Channel is broadcasting the Friday matches

    By: Right Word Media

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    7 years ago 

    7 years ago 

    Golf Channel's 2014 Ry...


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