​Director Andreas Nilsson, Berlin Agency HEIMAT "Sweat It Out" For HORNBACH


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2018


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DIY superstore chain HORNBACH launches this campaign to mark the start of the home improvement season. “Sweat it out” takes a somewhat surrealist look at the rejuvenating effects of heavy physical labor in the home and garden. It pushes a fantastical, imaginative style to the max, putting everyday stressful situations into a completely new light. Troubles at work, problems with the kids and over-the-top media consumption are literally sweat out by a single act of DIY. 

In the TV commercial, the task of coping with nerve-racking, everyday problems is taken over by a troupe of hyperactive “rubber cowboys” who represent visually what’s going on inside the human body on a cellular level when sweat is being produced during hard work. These “rubber cowboys” have one, sole, raison d’ être--and that is to get rid of everyday problems and stresses by literally transforming them into sweat. With a “bye-bye,” they bid farewell to the sweat--and also all of those day-to-day problems--which are then pushed out into the real world of the protagonist, who is engaged in the strenuous, but ultimately rewarding task of moving huge slabs of rock to build natural stone steps in his garden.

The spot was made together with HORNBACH’s creative partner, agency HEIMAT, and is characterized by its highly stylized, bombastic art direction and keen attention to detail--which is more reminiscent of a movie than a TV commercial. “We quickly saw potential in the ‘rubber cowboys,’ which were developed in collaboration with director Andreas Nilsson and production designer Peter Grant,” said Guido Heffels, creative head at HEIMAT and responsible for the campaign. “We immediately got to work on developing a story for our own ‘rubber cowboy’ format.”


Client HORNBACH Agency HEIMAT, Berlin Guido Heffels, Marlon Fischer, creative directors/copywriters; Felix Pfannmüller, creative director/art director; Corbinian, creative director; Teresa Guggenberger, copywriter; Max Quecke, Peter Grant, art directors; Kerstin Heffels, producer. Production Czar, Berlin Andreas Nilsson, director; Lasse Frank, DP; Peter Grant, production designer. Editorial Cut+Run Ben Campbell, editor. Sound Matti Bye, composer Post/VFX Paul Schwabe, Berlin

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